Facts 7 Facts About The Zion National Park Utah Circled Dot This Is One Of The Most Popular National Parks In Utah Here Are Some Facts About It

Zion Was The Dwelling Place Of A Historical Populace Known As The Anasazi Who Flourished In This Region During 1500 Bc This Is A Verified Statement Identified As Offwhite Arrow

The Mt Carmel Tunnel Situated In Zion National Park Spans Over A Mile In Length And Was Crafted During The Years 1927 To 1930 This Is Fact No 3 Represented By An Offwhite Arrow

Fact No 4 Offwhite Arrow The Kolob Arch Located In Zion National Park Is One Of The Largest Natural Arches In The World Measuring A Little Over 287 Feet In Length

Zion National Park Receives Over 4 Million Visitors Annually And Offers Plenty Of Activities Such As Hiking And Rock Climbing Fun Fact Number 5 The Offwhite Arrow

Zion Is Home To Over 400 Documented Species Of Birds And Animals Including Some That Are Endangered Fact Number Six Is Represented By An Offwhite Arrow

The Zion Canyon And The Landscape Of Zion National Park Were Created Over Millions Of Years Through The Erosion Caused By The Virgin River The Canyon Has A Depth Of Approximately 2000 Feet Fact Number Seven Depicted By An Offwhite Arrow

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