7 Facts About Yellowstone National Park, Usa

Yellowstone National Park Has Over 250 Species Of Birds And 48 Species Of Mammals Fact No 2 Offwhite Arrow

Yellowstone National Park Is Renowned For Boasting Over 290 Waterfalls Such As Tower Falls Mystic Falls And Many Others This Is A Verified Fact As Stated In Offwhite Arrow

Yellowstone National Park Covers Approximately 3472 Square Miles Which Is Larger Than The Combined Areas Of Rhode Island And Delaware This Is Fact No 4 Presented As An Offwhite Arrow

Yellowstone National Park Boasts A Vast Network Of Over 1000 Miles Of Hiking Trails Making It One Of The Premier Activities For Visitors To The Park

Yellowstone National Park Is Situated On Top Of A Supervolcano That Has Erupted Three Times In Total With The First Eruption Occurring 2 Million Years Ago

There Are Over 1800 Identified Archaeological Sites In Yellowstone National Park And It Is Believed That Human Habitation In This Region Dates Back To 11000 Years Ago