7 Facts About Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park Is The Third National Park In The Usa It Is Currently Visited By Over 35 Million People Every Year And Spans Over 761268 Acres Of Land

The Half Dome Granite In Yosemite Formation Shines Like Flames During Sunset Offering A Breathtaking View That Is Simply Unmissable Fact Number 3 Offwhite Arrow

Yosemite National Park Boasts Several Stunning Waterfalls With Yosemite Falls Being The Tallest Other Notable Waterfalls In The Park Include Sentinel Falls Horsetail Fall And Nevada Fall Fun Fact 4 Offwhite Arrow

There Are Over 800 Miles Of Trails Available For Hiking In Yosemite National Park Which Is One Of The Prominent Activities Here

The Occurrence Of Lunar Rainbows Or Moonbows A Distinctive Natural Phenomenon Can Be Witnessed At The Waterfalls In Yosemite This Is Caused By The Refraction Of Moonlight Through Water Particles Found In The Falls This Is A Verified Fact Identified As Fact No 7 In Offwhite Arrows Collected Data

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