Santa Catalina Island is also referred to simply as Catalina Island.

Catalina Express runs ferries from Long Beach, San Pedro, Dana Point, and other places on the mainland to Catalina Island.

Santa Catalina de Alejandria 

There are two major resort towns on the island: Two Harbors, which is more rustic, and Avalon, which is quaint and historic.

Tours like the Bison Expedition and the Ridgetop Eco Adventure on Catalina Island are trendy.

Catalina Island is known for its wildlife, scuba diving, beautiful coastal towns, and Mt. Orizaba, its highest point.

Scuba diving is one of Catalina Island's most popular activities.

On Avalon, there are three public beaches: South Beach, Middle Beach, and Step Beach.

Catalina Island has 52 miles of coastline, making it one of the most popular things.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church is on Catalina Island