Easter  Island: 

Archaeological Sites 

Easter Island is famed for its moai (meaning "statue") stone statues of human figures.

Easter Island is the most remote island where people live.

Chile's Easter Island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

The warm, clear waters at Anakena Beach are perfect for swimming, surfing, and snorkelling.

Easter Island's capital, Hanga Roa, has 4,000 residents on its 63-square-mile triangle island.

Ma′unga Terevaka's extinct volcanic crater.

Ahu Akivi's seven giant moai are Easter Island's top attractions.

The most famous historical site on Easter Island is the Tahai Ceremonial Complex in Rapa Nui National Park, listed by UNESCO.

Rano Raraku, an old volcano, has Easter Island's biggest and most important archaeological site.

The village of Orongo Ceremonial Village is on the edge of the Rano Kau crater.