7 Facts About Death Valley National Park, Usa

Facts 7 Facts About Death Valley National Park Usa • This Is One Of The Most Popular National Parks In The United States Here Are Some Facts About It

Death Valley Is The Biggest National Park In The Contiguous United States Comprising Over 34 Million Acres With More Than 90 Of The Park Identified As Wilderness This Is A Fact

Fact No 2 Death Valley National Park Is Located Below Sea Level Making It The Lowest Point In North America As A Result Most Of The Park Is Covered In Salt

Death Valley Is Considered To Be One Of The Hottest Regions With Typical Temperatures Ranging From 45 To 50°C The Highest Recorded Air Temperature Here Was 57°C In 1913 Fact Number Three Offwhite Arrow

Death Valley National Park Harbors A Multitude Of Species Including More Than 50 Genera Of Mammals As Well As Various Types Of Reptiles And Fishes This Interesting Fact Is Number Four And Can Be Found In Offwhite Arrow

Geologists And Mine Owners Have Been Attracted To This Region For Over A Century And Gold Silver Copper Zinc And Lead Are Among The Ores That Have Been Extracted From The Valley

Death Valley Has Served As A Filming Location For Many Famous Movies Including Zabriskie Point The Oasis And Star Wars Episodes Iv And Vi This Is A Fact Supported By Offwhite Arrow 6

This Valley Is Home To The Eureka Dunes Which Are The Tallest Dunes In California These Dunes Reach A Height Of 680 From The Base Fact No 7 Offwhite Arrow