7 Facts About Joshua Tree National Park, California

Facts 7 Facts About Joshua Tree National Park • This Is One Of The Most Popular National Parks In California Here Are Some Facts About It

The Joshua Tree Is Not A Tree But A Desert Plant That Belongs To A Group Similar To Blooming Grasses And Orchids It Grows Very Slowly At A Rate Of About 2 To 3 Inches Per Year This Is A Fact Represented By Offwhite Arrow 1

The Trees Name Is Derived From Joshua The Biblical Character Who Led The Israelites Through Canaan According To Legend The Same Tree Guided Mormon Settlers Through The Mojave Desert This Is Fact Number Two As Indicated By An Offwhite Arrow

This National Park Boasts Of Three Distinct Ecosystems The Southern Area Is Dominated By Ocotillo And Cholla Cacti The Western Part Is Home To Pinyon Pine Trees While The Northern Section Showcases The Famous Joshua Trees Fun Fact Number Three Is Represented By An Arrow That Is Offwhite In Color

Joshua Tree National Park Spans Approximately 792600 Acres Of Land Presently Roughly 85 Of The Park Is Classified As Either Designated Wilderness Areas Or Areas That Have The Ability To Become Wilderness Fun Fact Number Four Offwhite Arrow

This National Park Is Home To Around 57 Species Of Mammals Such As Coyotes Squirrels And Bighorn Sheep Additionally It Has 40 Species Of Reptiles 250 Bird Species And 75 Types Of Butterflies

One Of The Darkest Night Skies In California Can Be Discovered At This Particular Location Offering Breathtaking Opportunities To Observe The Milky Way It Is A Perfect Spot For Stargazing And Camping In The Desert

The Oldest Rock Here Has A Dating Of 1617 Billion Years Ago The Joshua Tree Augen Gneiss Is The Oldest Unit Of Metamorphic Rocks That Undergo High Temperature And Pressure This Is Fact No 7 From The Offwhite Arrow