7 Facts About Olympic National Park, Washington


The Olympic National Park Is A Popular Destination For Nature Lovers Drawing In More Than 25 Million Visitors Annually Heres A Fun Fact It Features An Offwhite Arrow

Olympic National Park Is One Of The Largest Wilderness Areas In The United States Covering 876554 Acres

This Area Is Famous For Its Abundant Marine Life Especially The Tidepools That Are Formed Along The Shoreline By The Receding Waves It Is Recommended To Explore Them During Low Tides Fact Number Four Is Represented By The Offwhite Arrow

The Year 2014 Saw The National Park Service Undertaking The Biggest Dam Removal Project In History By Removing The Elwha And Glines Canyons Dams From The Elwha River Inside The Park This Piece Of Information Is Also Known As Fact No 5 Offwhite Arrow