7 Facts About The Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal Being Indias Most Popular Tourist Site And One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World Attracts Visitors From All Corners Of The Globe Owing To Its Stunning Beauty And Rich History Fact 1 Offwhite Arrow

It Was Erected In Memory Of Mumtaz Mahal Wife Of Shah Jahan Who Was Filled With Grief After Her Passing Away He Built The Taj Mahal As A Symbol Of His Timeless Love For Her

It Is Extremely Amazing How The Monument Shows Different Colors Throughout The Day Basking In Its Own Splendor And Various Hues As The Sun Rises And Sets In The Sky

The Degradation Of The Timbers Of The Taj Mahal Would Occur If The Yamuna River Ceases To Flow Next To It As The Timber Used In The Construction Of The Taj Mahal Needs Moisture To Maintain Its Strength And Durability This Is A Fact Documented As No 6 In The Offwhite Arrow

The Mughal Monarch Reportedly Spent Around 32 Million Rupees To Build The Taj Mahal Which Would Be Equivalent To Nearly Usd 1 Billion In Todays Value