Top 7 Natural Wonders To Visit In Georgia, Usa

7 Natural Wonders To Visit In Georgia

Stone Mountain Park Has A Quartz Monzonite Dome That Showcases The Worlds Largest Basrelief Artwork Depicting Three Confederate Leaders Additionally The Park Provides A Train Ride A Sky Ride And Seasonal Events One Offwhite Arrow

Warm Springs

Tallulah Gorge Is An Impressive Canyon That Spans For 2 Miles And Drops To A Depth Of 1000 Ft It Offers Visitors Breathtaking Views Opportunities For Hiking And A Thrilling Suspension Bridge The Location Can Be Identified By 3 Offwhite Arrows

Providence Canyon Also Referred To As Georgias Little Grand Canyon Was Formed By Erosion Caused By Inadequate Farming Techniques During The 1800S Visitors Can Enjoy Scenic Trails And Capture Memorable Photos There Are Also Four Offwhite Arrows Located In The Canyon

Amicalola Falls Is Among The Most Breathtaking Waterfalls In Georgia As It Drops 730 Feet The Falls Are Enveloped By Lush Forests And Scenic Trails And Also Serves As The Initial Point Of The Appalachian Trail 5 Ivorycolored Arrows

Located In Georgia The Okefenokee Swamp Is A Renowned Natural Wonder With A Remarkable Range Of Wildlife As The Biggest Blackwater Swamp In North America It Offers The Opportunity To Explore By Boat Or Kayak Follow The 6 Offwhite Arrows To Discover Its Beauty

Radium Springs Is The Largest Natural Spring In Georgia That Produces Thousands Of Gallons Of Water It Has A Bluish Hue Due To The Presence Of Radium The Spring Is Currently Included In A Public Park With 7 Offwhite Arrows