Rain Water Harvesting Components


Main Rain Water Harvesting Components are discussed here. These are Catchment Surface, Gutter, Downspouts, Filter and Storage etc. Rain Water Harvesting Rain Water Harvesting is a unique technique … Read more

Pollution Types and Pollution Causes


Air pollution, Soil Pollution, Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution, Radioactive, Thermal, Heat, and Light pollution. These are pollution types. Pollution causes discuss below… Air Pollution: … Read more

Overpopulation : Causes of Overpopulation


The causes of overpopulation are complex and influenced by many factors like economic, cultural, religious and individual issues. Overpopulation is not good. Overpopulation: Overpopulation is an unfortunate condition … Read more

Causes of Earthquake in Nepal

Causes of Earthquake in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries. These beautiful countries face frequent earthquakes. Science Behind the Cause of Earthquake in Nepal. Major Causes of … Read more