Rain Water Harvesting Components

Rain Water Harvesting Components

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Main Rain Water Harvesting Components are discuss here. These are Catchment Surface, Gutter, Downspouts, Filter and Storage etc.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is a unique technique, used for rain water collecting, storing of rain water into natural reservoirs or tanks and using them for irrigation, gardening and daily uses.

Way of Rain Water Harvesting

There are mainly two ways of Harvesting rain water. These are –
1. Harvesting of Surface runoff
2. Harvesting of Roof-top rain water

1. Harvesting of Surface runoff

In urban area soil are most covert by concrete, very less are open. So, rain water flows away as surface runoff. By using appropriate method, we can catch this runoff and used for recharging aquifers.

2. Harvesting of Roof-top rain water

In rooftop harvesting, rain water is collected from the roof of the house or building. After that water can be stored in a tank or diverted it to artificial recharge system. This technique is very cost effective and easy to implement. It increases the ground water level of the area.

Basic Components of Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting system come in various shapes and sizes. So, components sizes and shapes also very with techniques and various sizes of project.
Although most rain water harvesting systems are needed same basic components.

Catchment Surface
Rooftop or solid surface(raised) needed for best catchment systems. Hard, smooth surfaces such as metal roof and concrete areas preferred. The amount of water depends on the size of the surface area and quantity of rainfall.

Gutter also known as distribution system. It channel water from catchment area.

Downspouts used to get water down from the gutters.

Filters are used for removing suspended pollutants from rainwater which are collected from roof-top. Various types of filters are available such as Sand filters, Charcoal filters and Horizontal roughing filter etc.

Storage facility
Storage/Tank is a very important and essential component for rain water harvesting. Cylindrical, square and rectangular these are the shapes of tank those are mostly available.

Delivery systems
Piping systems ensure the use of stored rainwater.

N.B. Do not use this type of stored water for drinking, Cooking etc. without proper quality checkup.

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